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The Two Million Digits of Pi Poster - Optional Magnifier - Many Colors - 26 x 13 Inches

The Two Million Digits of Pi Poster - Optional Magnifier - Many Colors - 26 x 13 Inches

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Product Code: POST-M2-01

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<p><strong>Item:</strong> The Two Million Digits of Pi Poster. Actually the first 2,018,453 digits of Pi. <br></p>
<p>The Pi digits are crisply printed at just over 1 point in size. Super tiny. Super crisp. Super awesome. The microscopic Pi digits even fill the Pi character image in the center of the poster. See the photos. </p>
<p>This new poster is 26 x 13 inches in size and is easy to frame. </p>
<p>This is yet another ultimate poster from us for Pi fans of all types...whether you're a math expert, a Pi enthusiast, a student, or all of the above, The Two Million Digits of Pi Poster offers a fun, interactive and educational experience. Once you start exploring the content with a magnifier, it's hard to stop. Can you find your birthday among the Pi digits? Your phone number? Or maybe other mysterious repeating patterns of digits? Makes a perfect math or Pi gift.</p>
<p><strong>Magnifier / Loupe:</strong> Unless you have a strong magnifying glass or loupe with at least 15x power, we highly suggest you add one to your order. Depending on availability, we may provide a different magnifier than shown in the photos but it will have the same specs as what you've chosen, or better. The magnifiers we provide are a great combination of value and power. Click <a href="/page/minimummagnificationrecommendations">Here</a> for magnifier guidelines.</p>
<p><strong>Colors:</strong> Black print on white background. The digits form a gray halftone which can be seen in the photos. The Pi character image comes in a bunch of beautiful colors. Currently we offer Yellow, Magenta, Red, Green, or Blue.</p>
<p><strong>Quality:</strong> This poster is professionally printed on the highest quality poster stock. </p>
<p><strong>Size:</strong> 26 x 13 inches. </p>
<p><strong>Framing:</strong> Top/Bottom margins are .5 inches. Left/Right margins are .4-.5 inches. Any photos of framed posters are just for illustration. We currently don't offer framing but frames for this poster are easy to find on Amazon.</p>
The giant magnifier shown on top of the posters is just a visual aid to convey that the poster contains many digits.
<p><strong>Awesome Pi Facts:</strong>
<li>Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.</li>
<li>Pi is an irrational number, so it has an infinite number of decimal digits without a pattern or order.</li>
<li>The Pi symbol Π was first introduced by William Jones in 1706.</li>
<li>Piphilology is the practice of memorizing digits of Pi.</li>
<li>Pi Day is March 14th every year.</li>
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Item #'s: POST-M2M-01-30X (Magenta w/Magnifier), POST-M2M-01-Z (Magenta No Magnifier), POST-M2R-01-30X (Red w/Magnifier), POST-M2R-01-Z (Red No/Magnifier), POST-M2Y-01-30X (Yellow w/Magnifier), POST-M2Y-01-Z (Yellow No Magnifier), POST-M2G-01-30X (Green w/Magnifier), POST-M2G-01-Z (Green No Magnifier), POST-M2B-01-30X (Blue w/Magnifier), POST-M2B-01-Z (Blue No Magnifier)

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