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The One Million Digits of the Golden Ratio Poster - Optional Magnifier - Many Colors - 19 x 13 Inches

The One Million Digits of the Golden Ratio Poster - Optional Magnifier - Many Colors - 19 x 13 Inches

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Item: The One Million Digits of the Golden Ratio Poster. Actually the first 1,052,324 digits of the Golden Ratio, commonly denoted by the lowercase Greek Phi character (not Pi).

The Phi digits are crisply printed at just over 1 point in size. Super tiny. Super crisp. Super awesome. The microscopic Phi digits even fill the Phi character image in the center of the poster. See the photos.

This new poster is 19 x 13 inches in size. It fits on any wall and is easy to frame.

The One Million Digits of the Golden Ratio Poster gives fans of mathematical constants other than Pi the chance to have more than a million digits on their wall. Whether you're a math expert, a Golden Ratio enthusiast or simply a student, you'll enjoy this poster. Viewing the tiny Golden Ratio digits is fun, interactive and educational. Once you start exploring the content with a magnifier, it's hard to stop. Can you find more repeating patterns than in our Digits of e or Digits of Pi posters? Makes a perfect math gift for someone interested in the Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Numbers.

Magnifier / Loupe: Unless you have a strong magnifying glass or loupe with at least 10x power, we highly suggest you add one to your order. Depending on availability, we may provide a different magnifier than shown in the photos but it will have the same specs as what you've chosen, or better. The magnifiers we provide are a great combination of value and power. Click Here for magnifier guidelines.

Colors: Black print on white background. The digits form a gray halftone which can be seen in the photos. The Phi character image comes in a bunch of beautiful colors. Currently we offer Yellow, Magenta, Red, Green, or Blue.

Quality: This poster is professionally printed on the highest quality poster stock.

Size: 19 x 13 inches .

Framing: Top/Bottom margins are .5 inches. Left/Right margins are .4-.5 inches. Any photos of framed posters are just for illustration. We currently don't offer framing but frames for this poster are easy to find on Amazon.

The giant magnifier shown on top of the posters is just a visual aid to convey that the poster contains many digits.

Awesome Golden Ratio Facts:

  • The ratio of two consecutive Fibonacci Numbers becomes closer to Phi as the Fibonacci Numbers become larger.
  • Phi is an irrational number, so it has an infinite number of decimal digits without a pattern or order.
  • The Golden Ratio is evident in many ancient creations such as The Parthenon and the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • The Golden Ratio commonly appears in Fractals and how they exhibit self-similarity.

Item #'s: POST-M1M-03-30X (Magenta w/Magnifier), POST-M1M-03-Z (Magenta No Magnifier), POST-M1R-03-30X (Red w/Magnifier), POST-M1R-03-Z (Red No/Magnifier), POST-M1Y-03-30X (Yellow w/Magnifier), POST-M1Y-03-Z (Yellow No Magnifier), POST-M1G-03-30X (Green w/Magnifier), POST-M1G-03-Z (Green No Magnifier), POST-M1B-03-30X (Blue w/Magnifier), POST-M1B-03-Z (Blue No Magnifier)

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