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Our Mini Posters
Are the laminated mini posters waterproof?
  Not entirely.  On top and bottom, yes.  But because we trim the extra laminating material to the edge of the poster, moisture could get in from the edges.  So for example, spilling your coffee on top of a laminated mini poster - no problem.  Spilling your coffee on a laminated mini poster so parts of the edges are in the spill - it depends on how long it sits there, but moisture could get in.
At what level is the education info provided with each mini poster?
  The material we provide with your mini poster is intended to be as accessible as possible and is written in a clear and basic style.  Students as young as in elementary and grade school can read and understand portions of the materials, but will likely require guidance from their teachers.
Can I remove the poster from the protective sleeve?
  Physically, certainly you can.  But we recommend you leave it in the protective sleeve so it doesn't get damaged.  The included plastic clip prevents the poster from sliding out.
Do I need a magnifying glass / loupe to read my poster?
  Generally yes.  Definitely yes if you want to read it comfortably.  Most people will prefer to use the magnifier.
Do you offer discounts for purchasing multiple mini posters?
  Yes. Currently we offer separate product links for purchasing 2 or 3 mini posters. See the following links:

Any Two Minis
Any Three Minis
Do you offer laminating?
  Yes. It's available as an option on the mini poster product pages. Currently, there aren't photos of laminated mini posters, but just picture a shiny mini poster. Since we do a flush cut, the lamination is trimmed to the edges of the poster.

We use a thick lamination, either 7 or 10 mil, so that's either 3.5 or 5 mil on either side.
How are the mini math posters different from your larger ones?
  Our mini math posters are smaller, 8.5 x 11" vs 18 x 24", and the font sizes are 1.4pt or 1.5pt vs the .75pt text in our larger posters.  Additionally, our mini posters come with a protective sleeve so it can be handled, such as on a desk, without being damaged.
How strong are the magnifiers you provide?
  The magnifiers we offer directly with our mini posters are super thin, also called wallet magnifiers, which have a large section of 2.5x power and a smaller section of 6x power. The 2.5x section will help with general browsing of the mini poster content, but the 6x section let's you dig in and read the content.

How thick are the protective sleeves?
  They are 15 mil thick, so that's 7.5 mil on each side of the mini poster.  This is thicker than 10 mil, which is typically the thickest lamination material available.
What are the plastic clips I see on the protective sleeves in the photos?
  Each mini poster comes with a plastic clip (also called a binding bar) that slides over the open end of the protective sleeve.  This prevents the contents from sliding out.