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Our Glow In The Dark Keychains / Necklaces / Lockets
Are the keychains and necklaces durable?
  Yes, they certainly aren't delicate items, but please remember that they are assembled by human hands and can be broken if you try hard enough.  With that said, I have never seen the locket portion break.
Are your glow in the dark products water-resistant? waterproof?
  Definitely not waterproof.  Kind of water-resistant, but please don't test it.  The sensitive materials are sealed within the locket portion, so an accidental mild wetting shouldn't cause a problem.
How do I "charge" my glow in the dark product so that it glows?
  Our Glow In The Dark items need light in order to glow. The easiest and quickest charging method is to have an LED flashlight handy, and hold it directly over the locket portion for 5, 10, 30 seconds. It depends on how bright the light is.

Sunlight also works great (since UV is what actually charges the content), but sunlight and indoor lighting may not be focused enough for a quick charge. Give it a try, but the LED flashlight method is a sure thing.

Regular incandescent bulbs generally work poorly for quick charging. Also, one would think that UV lights would work well, but most common UV lights still have a lot of light in the visible range, and so don't do a great job of charging.

Recharge as needed for viewing the content.

In addition to the right kind of light, and lots of it, we recommend you view the content in darkness, or at least as dark an area as possible. The smaller the content, the more applicable this is.