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Our Magnifiers
Are the magnifiers / loupes discounted when I purchase them as product accessories?
  Yes.  For example our 40x loupe is currently $5 when added to a poster or piece of jewelry, and is $5.95 when purchased by itself.
Are there any devices that the Lighthouse Phonescope doesn't work well with?
  The only negative feedback we've been given from the manufacturer is that the Phonescope doesn't clip onto OtterBox cases very well.
Can I purchase a loupe / magnifier by itself?
  Yes. W'e have added some new magnifier / loupe products recently. If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask us.

Click here to visit the Magnifiers & Loupes category page.
How big are the magnifiers you offer? It's hard to tell from the photos.
  Currently all of the magnifiers we offer with our 18x24 inch posters are between 1" and 2" in length, and about 1 ounce in weight. They are small and extremely portable. They're small enough that we pack them with the rest of your order, for example in the poster tube with your poster.

With our mini posters, we offer credit card sized magnifiers. They're about the same thickness as well.
How do I choose whether to add a loupe / magnifier to add to my order, and which one do I choose?
  It really depends on your close-up vision, which product you're ordering and what magnifiers you have at home. Keep in mind the average magnifier laying around the house is 2x or 3x magnification. It won't help with our 18x24 inch posters and generally doesn't help enough with our other posters either.

Mini Math Posters

For someone with average close-up vision, we suggest at least a 5x-10x magnification. We offer a very high quality credit card sized magnifier that has section with 6x power. It seems more powerful than that to me. Currently we don't offer our 40x loupes (mentioned below) with our mini posters simply due to packaging constraints. But you can order them separately from us.

Full-Size Posters and Jewelry

For someone with average close-up vision, these are the suggested minimum magnifications:

The Ten Million Digits of Pi Poster: 25-30x
The Six Million Digits of Pi Poster: 30x
The Entire King James Poster: 20x
The Utterly Complete Works of Shakespeare Poster: 30x
Our Jewelry: 20x

But these are just the minimums recommended. Some people will need more magnification and others might need less - though the latter is not likely.

If you don't have a loupe or magnifier at home with the suggested minimum magnification or higher, we recommend adding one to your order.

In terms of which one to choose, here are some specs about the two loupes we currently offer:

40x, 25mm Lens, Decent Metal Casing, Built-In LED Light

If you have any doubts at all in your close-up vision, I recommend the new 40x loupe since it's the strongest we have and also has a built-in light, with a battery already installed.

Trump Poster

For someone with average close-up vision, we suggest at least a 5x-10x magnification. We offer a very high quality 30x metal loupe with a glass lens, which is powerful enough to allow easy reading of the poster content. Because of packaging constraints, we can fit our credit card size magnifiers or 40x magnifiers, but usually we have them for sale separately on our site. If not, let us know.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I got one of the 40x loupes with my item. What's the little metal thingy that comes with it?
  The 40x loupes come with a little tool to remove the battery cover for the LED light.  Since we need to pack the loupes with your item, we don't provide the original packaging that we receive the loupes in.  But we want you to have the battery cover tool.
If I choose to purchase a magnifier, do I always get the one shown in the product photo?
  Most of the time, yes. But depending on our supplies, we may include a different magnifier. But rest assured that whichever one we include will have the same specs as the one you chose, or better.