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Our Jewelry
Can I purchase just the text pendant?
  Yes.  In the Length dropdown for each necklace listing, there's an option to add just the pendant to your cart.
Do I need a magnifying glass / loupe to read my jewelry?
  The short answer is Yes. But read the following FAQ entry for more info:

Magnifier Guidelines
Does your jewelry contain lead and/or nickel?
  All of our jewelry is completely lead-free.

For nickel content, please see the individual product listings. Some of the pendants we use do contain some nickel, but we've never had complaints.
I like your sterling silver bail necklaces but they don't come in 3mm leather cord?
  No.  The sterling silver bail leather cord necklaces are only available in 2mm cord.  3mm leather won't fit through the bail.
Is your jewelry handmade?
  Yes.  We take great pride in the handmade artisan quality of the jewelry we offer.
Is your jewelry intended for men or for women, or both?
  Both. In general, our necklaces are unisex but it's also up to individual tastes. On the more masculine side are the stainless steel and 3mm leather necklaces, whereas the thinner 2mm leather is less masculine. This includes the 2mm leather with silver bail, which is probably the least masculine necklace option.

Our earrings are primarily intended for women.

Please keep in mind these are simply generalizations geared towards helping customers make a decision.
Is your jewelry waterproof and/or water-resistant?
  No.  Our jewelry is handmade and isn't meant to get wet.
What necklace lengths do you offer?
  16 inches - choker
18 inches - medium
20 inches - large

If there's a different length you need, let us know.
Why are some of the jewelry close-up photos a little blurry?
  The tiny text drives our photographer crazy.  It's difficult to keep text outside the immediate view of the lens from becoming out of focus.  Be assured that the jewelry text is completely crisp.