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Product Packaging
What's the best way to open the package containing my poster?
  To remove the staples, you can use a needle nose pliers if you don't want to take a chance with your finger nails.

Once you open the tube, be gentle when peeling off the masking tape from the brown paper surrounding the poster. Don't press too hard or else it good dent the poster.

Please don't use any sharp tools or any other device or technique that could result in bodily harm.
Why do you pack your posters so securely?
  That's a nice way of saying that you found one of our mailing tubes kind of hard to open.

When we pack a poster, we want to do everything we can so that it makes it to you undamaged. The plastic caps on the ends are the most common place for damage to occur. That's why we use a few staples in addition to lots of tape. The staples keep the plastic caps in place and also deter tampering.

Another factor which can make the mailing tube harder or easier to open is a simple matter of small differences in batches of mailing tubes and plastic caps. Sometimes they're even hard for us to get them on the tube! But it needs to happen.

Please know that our goal is simply for you to receive and enjoy the poster your ordered. And also please don't use sharp tools to open your poster that could result in injury.