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Our Posters
Can I fold my poster? What's the proper way to handle it?
  No folding or bending please, unless you want your poster to be bent and have a crease that won't go away.

Handle your poster carefully from the edges and either store it flat or rolled.
Do I need a magnifying glass / loupe to read my poster?
  The short answer is Yes. But read the following FAQ entry for more info:

Magnifier Guidelines
Do you have plans for new posters in the future?
  Yes Yes Yes. We're working on a few right at the moment that aren't on the site yet.

Unless we decide to change things up, The 7,501 Fibonacci Numbers Poster is next to go into production. Followed by...we shall see. We want to do more math posters such as Prime Numbers. There are so many choices!

There's a lot of work and cost involved in getting a poster ready, from design to the actual production. So we can't add a new poster every week, yet. Wouldn't that be cool.

Please keep checking back with us to see what's in the works.
Do you offer framing? How can I frame my poster?
  Currently we don't offer any framing services. Any photos of framed posters we display in the site are simply to show what framing might look like.

But here are some framing specs and tips...

Frame Requirements: To choose a frame from a store or online, the easiest solution is to get a 18x24 inch frame that has a lip of no more than .25 inches. That's the really important part. The frame needs to cover up no more than .25 inches of the poster, otherwise you're at risk for hiding poster content.

You can certainly use a mat along with a larger frame but now you're talking a lot of work, and possibly cost, depending on whether you do it yourself or not.

Frame Brands: A couple of frame brands you can look at are Craig Frames ( and ArtToFrames ( Both companies offer 18 x 24 inch frames that have a .25 inch lip, which is what our posters need. They are affordable, starting around $20 or so. Both brands are also on Amazon.

Poster Specs: The following are the amounts of white space / margin space at the top edge of our posters. Below that space is the poster title.

-The Six Million Digits of Pi Poster: .375 inches. NOTE: This is for the revised poster shipped after 2/5/15. Prior digits of pi posters have a smaller top margin and are admittedly trickier to fit in a store bought frame.

-The Entire King James Bible Poster: .375 inches

-The Utterly Complete Works of Shakespeare Poster: .3125 inches

Do you offer quantity discounts?
  Yes. Here's what we currently offer. It's a great way to save money on our products:

Buy 2 or more posters and get 5% off those posters. They can be any posters, for example 1 King James Bible Poster and 1 Digits of Pi Poster.
How are your posters different from your competitors' products?
  1-Sheer Depth and Vastness of the Content We Display

The primary difference between our posters and anything else you will find in cyberspace is the sheer depth and vastness of the content we display. In a modest 18 x 24" poster we can fit millions of characters, the largest text being only 1 point in size and the smallest currently being .7 point.

Most competitors print around 4 point, the posters are larger and the content can be read without a magnifier.

When you buy one of our posters, you are getting something that is light years away from being able to be created on any standard commercial equipment.

2-Modest Poster Size

We wanted to keep our posters a reasonable size so everybody can fit them on their wall, be it in a dorm room, a mansion, or wherever. Not everybody wants or can fit a giant poster. To print our posters in 4 point text used by competitors, they'd probably have to be the size of your bedroom wall. Too big.

To Be Fair

We're not saying that larger text is a bad thing. There are some beautiful posters out there. It's just a clear distinction between us and them.
How do you pack the magnifier with the poster?
  Believe it or not, we cushion the magnifier and roll it up inside the poster. That's why we hunted high and low for small magnifiers to offer you. We have also made changes so that the poster is separated from the magnifier by a rigid inner packing process so that the poster is fully protected.
Is it my imagination or do the poster close-up photos look a little grainy?
  You're not imagining things. The close-up sample photos are taken with such high powered lenses that it brings out some of the poster stock's natural imperfections, as well as the limits of whatever photographic equipment is being used. Our photographer wishes we would do normal posters - but no way.

Additionally, the font used with The Entire King James Bible Poster is intentionally "antiqued" to match the ancient look of the book in the watermark image.

My favorite close-ups are taken using the Lighthouse Phonescope which we now sell on the site - both separately and as an accessory with the posters.
Why don't you offer posters based on novels like some other sites do?
  For the most part because an individual novel or book doesn't have enough content to fill one of our posters. We look for epic works or collections that we can assemble into single body of content that we can use in one of our posters.
Will my poster fade after time?
  No.  Our posters are printed using light-fast ink that does not fade.