Microscopic Text - Huge Impact!

ExaTextPosters.Com is a DBA of Badalon Media Corp. I'm Clifford Spielman, founder and president, and am pleased to bring ExaTextPosters.Com to you. We deliver the most amazing text-based posters available.

Before posters, our main focus over the last few years has been custom jewelry that incorporates thousands of characters of microscopic text. But why stop at thousands of tiny text characters when we can do millions? Hence posters and ExaTextPosters.Com.

I know, the world is full of posters. But these are different. We display literally millions of crisp yet microscopic characters of text in each poster. From a distance you'll see the central watermark, which gives an indication as to the general content of the poster. But then get close, pick up a magnifier and witness the vast world contained within the poster. The sky is the limit with our posters and we're just getting started. The amount of content we can fit in a poster is staggering, as is the crisp quality with which we do it.

Why stop at just one Shakespeare play, when we can fit All of his plays - and poems - in a single poster?

We've also recently added our jewelry line to our site. Each pieces features a small pendant containing around 3,500 characters of microscopic text.

And finally, for our latest offering, check out our glow in the dark pieces, featuring The Glow in the Dark Digits of Pi Keychain. Another unique and fun item we're happy to bring you.

Stay tuned for more amazing products from ExaTextPosters.Com.

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Our email address is info@ExaTextPosters.Com or click here to get in touch via our contact form.

Our mailing address is:

11024 Montgomery Blvd NE
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(voice) 505.908.9388
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