Microscopic Text - Huge Impact! Words we live by.

At ExaTextPosters.Com, a DBA of Badalon Media Corp, we create posters that feature a vast content printed at very small sizes. When we say small, we mean really small and when we say vast, we mean as in millions of characters or digits. Our poster content is always printed at way less than 2pt in size, except the title of course. Our largest Pi poster has more than 10 million teeny tiny digits of P and our new Pi digit book has a mind-blowing 25 million digits!

For most people, a magnifier is required to read the poster and book content. We offer powerful and affordable magnifiers with each poster and book.

Our primary subject matter is math, including digits of pi, digits of e, the golden ratio, and others coming soon. But we can't resist fitting other epic works, such as everything ever published by William Shakespeare, onto a single amazing poster. Not just one of his plays, but All of his plays, sonnets and poems printed on a single poster.

Whether you're looking for the perfect math gift or literature gift, or are simply a unique poster for yourself, please take a look and feel free to ask us questions. Stay tuned for more amazing posters and other products son to be added!