Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mini Math Posters

Yes. They will stand up to spills and other accidents. But that doesn't mean you should use them in the tub.

The material we provide with your mini math poster is intended to be as accessible as possible and is written in a clear and basic style. Students as young as in elementary and grade school can read and understand portions of the materials, but will likely require guidance from their teachers. Other aspects of the material are best understood with at least a high school math background.

Generally yes. An even more definitive Yes if you want to read the digits comfortably. In other words, some people can see the digits with the naked eye, but it's straining. Whereas a magnifier makes it fun and enables longer-term viewing.

Visit our Minimum Magnification Recommendations page for more specifics.

Yes. When available, we offer the entire mini math poster set at a price less than purchasing each one separately.

Our mini math posters are a smaller size of 8.5 x 11 inches. That's the first difference. Additionally, the mini math posters have educational info printed on the reverse side. For example, the digits of pi mini has super informative pi info printed on the reverse. The sea of digits and the educational info complement each other very well.

The mini math posters certainly have the same "cool" factor as our other posters, but we designed them as more of an educational tool, something to be on a desk and be used regularly vs. a poster to hang on the wall.

Yes. We laminate them so they are pretty darn durable and can withstand use by a student. We use an encapsulation approach, meaning that the entire mini poster is protected by the laminating material. A thick lamination film of either 7 or 10 mil on each side is used.

The magnifiers we offer directly with our mini math posters are super thin, also called wallet magnifiers, which have a large section of 2.5x power and a smaller section of 6x power. The 2.5x section will help with general browsing of the mini poster content, but the 6x section let's you dig in and read the content. Generally, we only offer that specific magnifier with the mini math posters. But if you wind up having trouble reading the content, let us know and we'll figure it out.

Our Posters

No folding or bending please, unless you want your poster to be bent and have a crease that won't go away. Handle your poster carefully from the edges and either hang it, store it flat or rolled.

When you hang it on a wall, framed or otherwise, the poster will flatten out. To make working with it even easier, you can place it on a table with a few books on top of it for day or two.

Shipping a poster flat raises the risks of it being dented. There are mailers available to ship a single poster flat, but they don't hold up well in the mail. To properly ship posters flat in a way that guarantees your poster will arrive without damage, more shipping materials are required. This just isn't feasible for a single poster purchase unless we charge a lot more for shipping.

If not posted already, we are adding product listings where you can choose any 3,4, or 5 of our 19x13 inch posters. This will give you a discount, save a few $$ on shipping. We will ship these flat since rolling a bunch of posters together gets tricky.

Yes Yes Yes. We've just recently launched a line of smaller sized posters that won't take up as much room on your wall but still offer no less than one million tiny digits. See the One and Two Million Digits of Pi Posters. Soon to be followed by the same for digits of e (Euler's Number), Fibonacci Numbers, Prime Numbers and other lesser well known mathematical constants such as Tau, Apéry's constant and the Euler–Mascheroni constant. We are also working on an entirely different types of non-poster printed products and will provide more exciting info soon.

Currently we don't offer any framing services. Any photos of framed posters we display in the site are simply to show what framing might look like. But it's easy to find frames on Amazon that will work. Even for our 13x26 sized posters, there are frames available on Amazon. We like the ArtToFrames products because most have a .25 inch lip, meaning that they only cover .25 inches of the poster. Our newer posters have a .5 inch margin on all sides, but a few of our older posters have a smaller margin - so the .25 inch frame lip works well. Here are some sample links:

19x13 Posters: On Amazon
26x13 / 13x26 Posters: On Amazon
24x36 Posters: On Amazon

These are just a few basic examples. If you take a few minutes, you'll find various finishes and levels of quality.

If you're looking to purchase higher quantities of our items, please get in touch for current discounts. As we're filling in the FAQ info, we're also working on adding either a "full set" option for our posters, or a way to choose, let's say 3, 4 or 5 different posters at a discount. If you don't see such an option on our site and are interested, please let us know.

While we focus on beautiful poster designs, our primary theme has always been to fit more content on the page than was thought possible to do. So while there is a beautiful colored pi character in the center of our digits of pi posters, the star has always been the gazillion digits surrounding it and underneath it. They're just waiting there for a passerby to realize that the gray tone on the poster is actually an ocean of tiny digits. Why put just one of Shakespeare's plays on a poster when you can fit them all? Maybe we'll figure out how to fit every pi digit on a poster? Ha Ha.

Yes. We have the packing down to a science.

Sometimes the close-up photos do look a bit grainy, whereas the actual posters don't look grainy. The close-ups are tough photos to take. Our product photographer wishes we would make normal posters instead of posters with millions of tiny characters, it would make his life easier.

At the moment, we print the millions of tiny digits in black to maximize readability but in terms of the center image color...for our new posters we are currently offering: Magenta, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. We've chosen these colors for their balance of richness and readability of the digits flowing through the images.

We only use colors that allow the content within the image to be readable, but in this way the colors differ. The easiest for reading the content within it is Yellow for sure. But from a distance the yellow is softer and more understated than the other colors. Also easy for reading the content are Magenta and Red. And I'd say the darkest of the colors are Green and Blue, where the black digits are perfectly readable but with not as much of a contrast and ease as Yellow.

Our Magnifiers

Yes. We offer our magnifiers as standalone products as long as we have available stock. Click here to visit the Magnifiers & Loupes category page.

Currently all of the magnifiers we offer with our posters are between 1" and 2" in length, and about 1 ounce in weight. They are small and extremely portable.

With our mini posters, we offer credit card sized magnifiers.

Please visit our Minimum Magnification Recommendations page for details.

As always, if you have questions, just get in touch.

The 40x loupes come with a little tool to remove the cover for the LED light battery.

So far the answer has always been Yes. But if we do ever run out of the magnifier you're supposed to receive, we'll make sure you get something equally awesome, or even a discount.

My Account

After you place your first order, or your next order, the order confirmation page will let you enter a password if you want to create an account.

First, sign into your account by clicking the Login link in the upper right. You can then click the Account link in the upper right to see and edit much of your account info. On mobile devices these links may be in different positions. When you sign in, you may automatically be shown this info without having to click on the Account link.

Please hold onto the shipping confirmation email that our site will send you upon your order being shipped. That email will have the tracking info you need. If you lose that info, you can get in touch with us and we can help.

Of course we like you. We recently got a shiny new upgrade to the latest version of the online store platform we use. As a part of the upgrade and migration of existing data, we have the list of old accounts and their email addresses but corresponding accounts were not created in the new version of our store.

Please don't take it personally.

To create a new account using the same email addressed you used with your prior account, you'll need to place an order and upon order completion, you'll have the opportunity to specify a password and create an account.

Orders and Order Status

Currently, sales tax is only applied for orders to the New Mexico in the USA.

When your order is placed, we automatically "authorize" those funds on your credit card. Basically they are being reserved. Then when we're closer to shipping time, we manually "capture" the funds which is what actually pays us. If we don't issue that capture, suppose in case of a cancelled order, the original authorization will vanish from your account within a few days.

Get in touch with us and we'll work it out. Visit our Contact Us page.

We don't offer gift wrap services but you can specify a gift message during checkout. To do this, during the checkout process, you'll be given a chance to enter a note to us with your order. Please specify that you'd like us to include a gift message with your order and put the exact message in quotes. If you forget to do this, get in touch with us right after placing your order.

Also note that item prices will not be included with your order since we include a packing slip that doesn't show prices. Nobody wants to have a gift recipient see prices!

I hope this is mostly self-explanatory but if your item is a poster in a tube, please open the tube from the ends. Don't cut into the tube else you will damage your poster.

Shipping and Returns

For orders over $100, free shipping should be applied automatically.

That hasn't happened yet as far as we know, but if it does, please contact us and we'll work it out. We may just ask for a photo of what you received.

International Shipping

We have just started supporting international shipping. If during checkout, your country is not available then please let us know. We will add your country unless we've had issues in the past.

No. All we can do is give you an estimate, based on the postal service and our past experience. But it's no guarantee as to when you'll receive your item. Please keep that in mind when ordering. With that said, if your item appears to be lost, we'll work with you to resolve the situation.

Currently, to supported countries, we send packages via USPS First Class International. In terms of how long it takes to receive a package, the safe estimate is within 14-28 weeks. I've seen it be as quick as 7 days from the USA to Canada.

Additional Support

Please visit our Contact Us page. We will reply as soon as possible, usually within a few hours if we receive your message during working hours here in the USA mountain time zone.

Please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Fun Stuff

The William Shakespeare word cloud can be found at Shakespeare Word Cloud.